A Shoe Cover Designed for Everyone

A Shoe Cover Designed for Everyone

One of the most common problems people face when using shoe covers is wearing a pair that’s either too big, too small or just doesn’t fit right. Shoe covers protect shoes and floors from cross-contamination and are one of the many measures professionals take to ensure health and safety. Walking – or working – around all day in ill-fitting shoe covers has a number of consequences that defeat this very purpose.  Loose shoe covers cause tripping and present danger when they should, in fact, be an element of safety assurance.

Women bear witness

Many victims of the ill-fitting shoe cover crisis happen to be women professionals in the medical, pharmaceutical and other similar fields. Women generally have smaller feet and most shoe covers cater to larger shoes, causing women to commonly face the danger of tripping. This is especially dangerous for pregnant women. In cases like these, it is the company’s full responsibility to ensure safety or to otherwise handle the consequences. Injuries in the workplace are very expensive and are never welcome. Even in the lack of injury taking place, women still do not feel comfortable and confident walking in shoe covers that are too big for their feet, which interferes with their work and productivity. This also links to the compliance many employees and patients lack when it comes to wearing shoe covers.

Triple-elastic runs: the solution to safety 

Over the years as the BlueMed team developed into the national experts in shoe covers, we have become aware of the need for a universal solution for well-fitting shoe covers. And so we created one: the triple-elastic run. Our R&D team developed unique technology to place the triple-elastic on each shoe cover without compromising the durability of the shoe cover’s fabric. This method allows the shoe cover to adjust to any shoe size while wrapping around the foot in a comfortable yet stable way – not to mention it looks much neater too! It’s important to realize as well that proper-fitting shoe covers will last longer because they will feel as natural as regular shoes do, rather than walking uncomfortably. BlueMed accommodates those bigger feet as well. Many industries require steel-toe boots, which are usually very large and broad.  Industrial and service professionals will encounter such boots on a regular basis. Our XL size that is triple-elastic free provides the perfect fit for such shoes.

Professionals can now work in shoe covers that are hazard-free, and patients and visitors will feel comfortable slipping on shoe covers that fit them just right. This innovation of the triple-elastic run is optional and applies to all of our shoe covers. So while shoe covers are designed to provide safety, triple-elastic runs will help them do their job in the safest way possible. 

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