3 Places Where You’d Never Expect to Wear Shoe Covers

3 Places Where You’d Never Expect to Wear Shoe Covers

Hair salons
Think about it. Hair salons provide garments that protect our clothes from getting clad with hair, but our shoes step all over the salon floor before and after cut hair is swept away. It would take even less time to slide on a pair of shoe covers than wearing the garment does, and taking them off on our way out would prevent any unwanted hairs between our toes or stuck to our shoes. Better yet, they can add to the brand image when salons opt for personalized shoe covers with their own design and logo.


Our children crawl and play on daycare floors that are expected to be spotless. While most trusted daycares implement great hygiene regimens, nothing can stop the germs our shoes have collected throughout the day from disturbing the balance of floor hygiene. Many daycaDaycareres require parents and infrequent visitors to wear shoe covers when entering to avoid introducing contaminants from the outside to the floors their children spend all day on. Just as important as the hygiene of toys is, so is that of the floor. This practice doesn’t just apply to daycares, but in fact could help maintain hygiene in any indoor play-areas. 


The Office

OfficeIn the winter season, which lasts a good portion of the year, shoe covers are very important for everyday operations in an office environment. While employees that work in harsh climate areas always have an “indoor” pair of shoes to change into from their winter boots, they usually dread the uncomfortable few minutes entering the office to change in and out of them. By having a fresh stack of absorbent shoe covers at the office entrance, employees have the option to wear them without risking any mud, water or slush seeping through onto the floor. To suit any kind of office environment, there is a variety of bright colors to choose from to add to staff morale on gloomy days. As a proud example of a company that practices using shoe covers in the office, we know how especially important they are when employees make countless petit exits during the day and resist changing back into their boots for a matter of seconds. Stepping out for fresh air or picking something up from their car, employees would strongly appreciate the option of shoe covers. The occasional guests or technicians will also appreciate them, being their only option as they usually don’t carry around an alternative to change into. Go all out and brand your shoe covers with your company logo and give them a unique look!



Surely having read this article, you’ve already come up with a number of other places that could use shoe covers. There is no limit to where they prove useful – the sky is the limit. Even major tourist attractions, such as museums, libraries, government and sacred buildings could protect their sparkling floors by offering guests shoe covers. If you have suggestions for places that need shoe covers, share them with us in a comment.


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